Mark Goodman paints music – he captures the essence of the music and the
musician and with bold bright colors puts on canvas what the music inspires. His
paintings have been described as “stained glass on fire” and you can almost hear the
music when you look at them.

Mark started his artistic career with detailed illustrations and graphic art. He then moved into
the looser, flowing bright and colorful abstracted images of musicians that have
inspired him. Whether its a portait or abstracted image, he lets the influence of the
music dictate the style and color of the image.

Through all musical styles, Mark has never left his his first love of Jazz.. You can
always tell who Mark is working on by what music is playing in the house – whether
its Iggy Pop, Jerry Garcia, Miles Davis or Charles Mingus, it is played loud - and he
matches the music note for note with his brush.

He has been a featured artist in galleries in Tennessee, Michigan and Colorado.
His art was part of the Franklin Jazz Festival in Tennessee. He continues to be
inspired by the music he loves and there are many more works to come.

Photo of artist Mark Goodman making duck lips, holding a beer in foreground with painting of Syd Barrett in background